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    Best restaurant reviews for Philadelphia by Author of the book “Table For One” and Host of the “Dining On A Dime” food podcast Kevin J Wilson…you can listen to the “Dining On A Dime” Radio Show by clicking on the Food Radio Show section of this website



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    Kevin Wilson

    Kevin originated the phillyrestaurantreview website in 2012, which had a huge following that enabled his book “Table For One” to get published and he is a very successful Philadelphia food writer and you can read his restaurant reviews on this site, he was also one of the 1st people in Philadelphia to write about the “Dining On A Dime” concept on this website in 2012.

    John Cohl

    John is a very successful restaurant consultant in the New Jersey and surrounding areas and has worked closely with the top people in the restaurant and food truck industry.

    Supporting Cast

    Amaris Pollock-she is a food photo journalist and is a huge asset to our live shows from restaurants, because each restaurant gets professional food photos, as well as being an important member of our panel, she can be found on all social media platforms @arpollockus, she is also a huge social media influencer and freelance writer.

    Matt Maratea is the resident alcohol expert on both shows, Matt does such an outstanding job that we have added him as a weekly panelist, because he has an outstanding overall knowledge of food and literally works at a brewery @mmaratea22 on social media.
    Culinary Expert and Food Historian Gene Blum gives you the History and a ton of information about many different topics and cuisines in the Food World, he is a very accomplished Chef who has cooked for the Pope and players in the Super Bowl, he does a segment on our show and books many accomplished Chefs as guests for some outstanding food articles for the Philadelphia area
    “Learn About World Cuisine” is recorded at Last Out Media studios