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This website is powered by the "Dining On A Dime" podcast which teaches people where to eat out well in the Philadelphia and New Jersey, Tri-state area at a reasonable price and has nothing to do with the $10.00 price point.

Dining on a dime will allow you to listen to all of our shows, no matter what day or time it is. Our podcast is also available on iTunes and Google Play. Listen, Review and Subscribe.

We are also syndicated Monday thru Friday at 11AM on Indie Philly Radio which plays a great mix of our past shows. Our most significant shows are episodes #7 and #8 which taught you where to find a great cheesesteak and episode #12 which was our great interview with the top food critic in Philadelphia, Craig Laban and episode #30 which the top food writer in the State of NJ Author Pete Genovese.

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About Us

Kevin Wilson

Kevin originated the phillyrestaurantreview website in 2012, which had a huge following that enabled his book "Table For One" to get published and he is a very successful Philadelphia food writer and you can read his restaurant reviews on this site, he was also one of the 1st people in Philadelphia to write about the "Dining On A Dime" concept on this website in 2012.

John Cohl

John is a very successful restaurant consultant in the New Jersey and surrounding areas and has worked closely with the top people in the restaurant and food truck industry.

Supporting Cast

James Pappas: Jim is the proprietor of The Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure page on Facebook and website which contains a deep analysis of well over 200 cheesesteaks in the tri-state area, Jim gives you a total break down and even has the Steak Shops put vegetables on the cheesesteak, so that you can see how fresh the food is, Jim joins Kevin and John on at least two shows a month.

Jim Hasson: The guy who is cooking your favorite food at some of your favorite restaurants, such as Grubhouse inside the beautiful Bourse Building and Royal Boucherie, Jim adds alot of humor to the show and his vast experience in the restaurant industry gives a great perspective on the topics of the show and exposes the show to alot of people in the restaurant industry since he has worked in several restaurants over the years, Jim joins Kevin and John whenever he is available, but at least once a month.

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